Moving Mountains for Chinese Economic Progress



China has an incredibly large population, and that is no surprise to anyone around the world. The country has faced rapid urbanization over the past century as it moved millions from agricultural rural type living into the new urban cores that were springing up like plants.

The process is still not halting as China pushes westward into its country to keep building and paving the way for more cities to be built. China is unique in this aspect because they build cities from the ground up as opposed to the more traditional ways cities have come about throughout many other areas. For the most part though they do so without regulation and the problems that face the infrastructure and foundations of the city are left in ruin because of hasty building practices and not enough oversight being put into the process.

Currently China is creating more flat land for its new growing cities out in the western provinces of China. Planners have been actually clearing mountain tops and filling in the valleys with loads of dirt from the top of the mountains.

Now this is no easy feat and something that is actually quite impressive. The only problem is the lack of thought and scientific backing being put into these new ambitious projects.

Potential Problems

The impact that this may have has yet to be determined but in places China has done this already there have been some significant problems. Some of these problems that happened in the city of Shiyan included landslides and significant flooding that changed the course of waterways.

Analysts believe that the new project will weaken soil and also cause erosion to happen at a higher rate. What the Chinese are currently doing has never been done on such a mass scale before. Humans have played with the landscape and earth over long periods of time and changed it, but never at such a fast rate.

This is an unprecedented endeavor that is going to leave a lot of questions and hopefully set up a guide that will make this safer in the future if the Chinese or others continue do something like this to push for more prosperous economic growth.

Another potential problem is the instability that might be caused from the new land and if the land will be stable enough of a foundation to hold skyscrapers and other high rises as there have been buildings in China that have tumbled because of similar situations.

Scientists at the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at the Chang’an University in Xi’an wrote up a couple reports that said without scientific study of the project there was going to be some major problems with the next city in the province.  There is going to be a lot of revenue from the new land being cleared for development but it would be better long term financially and ethically if the purveyors of this plan set out to do so in a more scientific manner.


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